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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chicken more store bought....

Ever wonder what they put into your food? Especially Ground meats? Extra especially into your chicken fingers?? DON'T. Trust me - none of us want to know. Nothing good....
The worst part is - that this is what our kids are eating. I do try to make good healthy foods at home. And on occasion I buy the frozen prepared foods. I think those days are over. I finally found a great recipe for chicken rings (If I try - next time they will be made into chicken fingers...).
And at least I know what is in then. Hey - I even ground the chicken myself :-). Not something I like to do (had childhood flashbacks of my grandmother grinding carp fish for Friday night Gefilte Fish - which I despise). The whole grinding is messy but on the other hand totally worth it.

Chicken Rings:
1 kg. ground chicken
2 eggs
1 cup corn kernals (I used canned)

5 eggs
5TBS. self rising flour

Bread crumbs

Mix the chicken, eggs, salt and pepper. Add in the corn.

In a small bowl whisk the eggs and flour.

In an additional bowl put in bread crumbs.

Preheat oven to 180C.
Make golf sized balls from the chocken mix. Place in batter and then in the bread crumbs. make sure the whole chicken ball is completelty covered in crumbs.
Place on parchment paper and using your fingers - form a whole, but make sure you keep the form of a ball. Contimue with all the mixture.
Bake 10 minutes and turn each ring over. Bake an additional 10 minutes.
Serve with ketchup, mayonaise or nothing...:-)

I made a bunch and froze them - so the kids need only to warm them after school.

Easy going!


Paz said...

I like the simplicity of this recipe, along with its ingredients.


Paz said...

P.S. I like the cup in the background, too. Looks fun to drink out of. ;-)


prettybaker said...

lol - its not a cup! its a small bucket....try drinking from it - I assure you that you will be peeing all day :-)