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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Searching for Rose - A Country in Anguish

Please put Rose in your prayers!

I know this is a food blog. But sometimes, things happen in this world that make us bow our heads in sorrow and cease to enjoy our daily tasks.
This is a feeling that has hit us lately - and hit us hard.
3 days ago we learned about this adorable child who has been missing for 3 months, and nobody knew. Nobody went to the police. Nobody searched for her till it was too late, though we are hoping and praying that she will be found.
The story begins like a Danielle Steel novel or a bad sope opera - only difference is - this is real life and we are prepared for the worst, though still hoping that a miracle might still happen and Rose will be found alive.

4.5 years old - Rose Ron
We are a nation that is rude and prickly on the outside - but once tragedy occurs we unite. And for the past few days - Rose is the daughter we regret we were unable to help. She is the angel we are all searching for to give her the love and caring she never had and never knew. Rose is the child we want to beg for forgivness for not being able to protect her from her family.
We are still hoping that she was not killed at the hands of her grandfather and mother. We are still hoping that she is out there, alive waiting for us to enfold her in our loving arms - an anguished nation - waiting for a miracle.
Please, I beg you, add Rose Ron to your prayers!

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