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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And I think to Myself - What a Wonderful World...

I took the day off and drove to the Northern part of the Galilee. I am always in awe...and to iimagine this part of the country was undergoing constant bombings only two summers ago.... A holy grave (there are hundreds of them in the area)
A Vineyard

View from Kerem Ben Zimra

Another view from Kerem ben Zimra

An Orchader taking his apples for sale. He was so nice and gave us a big sack of apples just for photographing him.

Starking Apple

Pomegranate - We even bought some pomegranate wine. Enchanting.

A beautiful Olive tree

More grapes

By a vineyard

A wine Boutique at Dalton - I highly recommend their wines

Specialty Chocolates

Enjoying the day

Beautiful yellow roses

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