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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dinner Mexi-American Style

I think mexican food is the best. I love the spices, I love the heat that comes at you from mexican food. I love anything mexican.
I also love shrimp. I think I am a shrimpaholic....In Israel, due to the Kosher laws, you can't find shrimp at the local market. But luckily I have a great non-kosher store not far from where I live where I can get my shrimp, bacon and whatever non-kosher delights my heart desires (which isn't much - mostly shrimp).
Checking my freezer I noticed an old bottle of tequila with alot of bottle but a little tequila (I keep most of my "clean" booze in the freezer - tequila, vodka, cachasa, gin...) not enough to start a drinking spree but just enough to add auhentiquity to my shrimp...
So I gathered what I had on hand - coriander, chile pepper, salt, olive oil garlic and of course - tequila...I just threw them all on a hot skillet - 4-6 minutes.
Voila - dinner!! And Yummy!!
Close up of Dinner

Frosted Apple Bars

Adapetd from Culinary in the Desert - mine aren't as nice as I used the wrong size pan - but boy are they yummy!!


maybelles parents said...

oh, i love the apple bars.

prettybaker said...

Thank you so much! Hope you had a great holiday!

Rob said...

The shrimp dish looks great! Will have to give that a go too sometime.