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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A day in Jerusalem.....

A close up of this wonderful mural
A mural on an old building
A typical Jerusalem street

Such a green tree on such a hot day giving out such wonderful shade

Nablus Gate - the Old City

Nablus Gate

A cafe in the middle of the Old City

The Old City

The Wailing Wall

A religious man resting under an umbrella on a hot summer day
The Golden Mosque

A glance of the Old City

The wailing wall area

The Wailing Wall

Requests to GOD - little notes stuffed in the wailing wall

The Old City


giz said...

These pictures make me miss Israel - where I lived for 2 years in Jerusalem. Thanks for the memories.

prettybaker said...

I love Jerusalem!! Its the most unique city in the world, in my opinion! I love the "shuk" especially!

Noor said...


what pretty pictures. I just love to look at pictures from all over the world. I am glad that I saw your blog. I am Noor from "Ya Salam Cooking" and I wanted to invite you to the baking roundup #1

I would love if you could be a part of it with us.

Kitchen Goddess said...

Gorgeous photography and what a lovely blog.

Chai18 said...

its actually a shrine not a mosque, a small but important difference