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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chicken Stir Fry

Stir Fry is so versatile. You can pretty much add to it whatever veggies and oriental spices and flavorings you like. Even nuts (cashews, almonds, peanuts) - I mostly don't add the nuts due to their high caloric value. I like to keep my stir fry diet friendly. I cut my veggies in pretty large sizes, as I like them crisp. For some reason I still don't own a wok. But a nice size pan usualy does the trick.
I marinated my chicken pieces (this time I used breasts) in teriaki sauce, sechuan sauce and soy sauce. Always use the real and good stuff.
I also added lots of garlic. I slice them as opposed to the usual minced garlic.
The longer you marinate the meat - the better the stir fry. The marinada keeps the chicken from getting dried out.
The secret to a good stir fry, in my opinion is to keep it quick. Nobody likes soggy wilted veggies.
I first heat the sesame oil (which I love and adds so much taste) then add 1-2 onions chopped coursely. I add the chicken pieces and whne they start turning white I add the veggies - matchstick carrots first, then celery slices and only at the end do I add my peppers - red yellow and green. A few minutes before it is all done I add large peices of cabbage (I forgot to buy bean sprouts this time - but when you add them add them at the end, turn of the heat and close the pan - this way they remain crisp.
I love the Tahi chile sauce which I add for spiceness.
Decorate with sesame seeds (I had black sesame) which makes the dish colorful.

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