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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Abundance of Sunshine + an added warning

Tomatoes are like gifts from the sun. They are so wonderful especially in the summer. My favorite of course are cherry tomatoes. As most fruits and vegetables I find that the best are those grown in the summer. The sun is wonderful. And the tomatoes look like little jewels!
I do try to preserve fruits and vegetables and make jams and different preserves that will last me through the winter.
Today I dried tomatoes and preserve them in olive oil and garlic. You can also add basil or thyme if you like.

Slice tomatoes and place sliced side up on parchement paper. Sprinkle Kosher salt (not too much)
Aren't they beautiful?!

Heat oven on low and dry the tomatoes for approx. 2 hours. They should look wrinkled but not crispy.
Cool completely

Cut some garlic cloves and place in glass jar. Cover tomatoes with olive oil.
You can add basil or thyme as you please.
BOTULINUM Poisoning can occur so please note - any foods both homemade and commercial MUST be refrigerated and consumed within a week!!
BOTULINUM Poisoning - is fatal!!
Thanks Aviva for opening my eyes to this issue !!


Aviva said...

Please allow me to marn you that garlic in oil, should be store in fridge and consumed within a week, otherwise there is serious danger of BOTULINUM poisining.

Aviva said...

so sorry for the typo errors in
marn instead of warn and poisining instead of poisening.

prettybaker said...

Wow - I didn't know that - thanks...