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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Heat is On

The weather here is hot. While Europe is "enjoying" snow storms we are going thru desert heat weather. With what the Californians call "santa ana winds". This kind of weather is known as "hamsin". Hot winds, dry heat and all you feel like doing is cooling of.So I spent the day at the beach, saw the migration of the birds. mostly storks (which remonded me more of a Hitchkok movie - the skies turned black with such a large number of birds, but it was really cool).
At home I was glad the I had lasagne I prepared early in the morning so I didn't need to get anywhere close to the oven.
But what is the best part of a heat wave (besides tanning and bird-watching at the beach?)
Strawberry Margaritas!!!
I didn't have a fixed recipe so I kind of played around with the ingredients:
In a blender :
8 oz strawberries (you can freeze first)
8 oz Tequila (good quality only)
2-3 oz Triple-sec
1/4 cup sugar
juice from 1 lemon
juice from 1 orange
2 trays of ice
Blend until of slurpy consistancy. Taste and add any ingredient if necessary.
Dip Martini glass in lemon juice and then in sugar. Pour the margarita and enjoy!


linda said...

I remember the hamsin from when we were living in Tel Aviv. That's when you get all of the fine red desert sand everywhere right?
If you're ever in Tel Aviv try the Margarita's at Chimichanga, they're sooo good! But I bet yours is as good!

prettybaker said...

Chimichanga!! Yummy!!
They had a fire recently. I am not even sure they re-opened...
And yes - the hamsin is when you get sand and dust everywhere and when it finally rains - its more like mud. Yuck

by MAG said...

Splendid!!! Mmmmm... looks so refreshing!!!