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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Waiter - There is Something in my ...SALAD

This is this months blog event hosted by
I love salads so I love this theme.
Israel is blessed with so many fresh produce that it is impossible to not add a frsh salad to every meal. We have salad even with breakfast.
But the best salad, characterizing Israel is it's Israeli salad.
The salad is chopped very very small, and yes, I guess patience is needed for this type of slicing and dicing, and YES, I kniw - we are definately not known for our patience..LOL (ever stand in a line for a disney ride with Israelis? They will always find a way to cut you off and somehow be the first in the line). My salad consists of:
red onion
red pepper
all chopped as fine as can be
To this I added freshly made tehina sauce, olive oil and lemon. Freshly grated pepper and salt.
To top it all of I added fresh organic parsley and of course - toasted pine nuts.

I think this salad is the essence of an Israeli meal.

And a tip for toasting pine nuts from my wonderful friend Elham - before toasting the pine nuts - put them in ice water for about 20-30 minutes. This way they will not burn.


arik9b said...

אין אין אין על ארוחת בוקר ישראלית

prettybaker said...

כפרה עליך נשמה
איפה אתה???