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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Failure & Success in 1 Recipe

I love surfing blogs. I love learning this way of different cultures, different tastes, different ways of living. No politics. No racism. Just food. I think food bloggers make the world a wonderful place to be in. If any food blogger decides to run for president of any country - you got my vote for sure!!
While surfing I came across "Desert Candy". I love her blog. She brings out the passion of the middle east, sometimes I think I can hear the comotion over at the Damascus market. I can only imagine what it is like in Syria, maybe one day - borders will open wide (hey - if a food blogger becomes president - that may still happen).
Anyway - Mercedes from Deset Candy posted a recipe for pretzels that were shaped as a baguette - a.k.a "my failure". For some reason - it just wasn't right. I may have baked them too long because they were hard as stone but tasted good. The love of my life said after one bite (trying not to break a tooth) - "make them again". I know he loves me for sure...LOL

So.....I made them again. And again...And I am planning on making them again....I did change their looks - from baguettes to small knots. My daughter takes them to school. On the school bus she already starts handing them out to friends...Yesterday she comes home and says I need more for school. The kids love them...
So back to the kitchen I go.....and even though I have been making them everynight, doubling the quantities - I am still unable to meet the demands!
May life always be this difficult. Amen.
This is the link to the recipe:

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