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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taste & Create Blog Event

My partner for this event is Evelin from Bounteous Bites. When searching her blog all I could do was wonder how so much culinary talent can be had in such a young blogger! My second though was what do I choose from this rich assortment of wonderful foods....a tough decision. Everything is so mouth watering...As we are gaving a special holiday next week I decided on coco-nutty prune candy.

Israel celebrates on Monday evening the National Birthday of the Trees, what we call Tu Bishvat.

Mostly we eat dried fruits and nuts. There are special blessings said and the children go out and plant trees. Its a wonderful holiday that is really a way to learn to enjoy what the nature gives us and how important preservation of the trees and plants are.
This is a wonderful special recipe whic I enjoyed making and suits this holiday to perfection.

I also especially love prunes :-)

Thank you Evelin!

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