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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lebanese Meatballs

These are my siste in law's favorite. And she is my favorite sister in law :-)
They are a lebanese food and have earned a respectful place in my kitchen, as I love foods from around the world that are easily adaptable. And since lebanon are our neighbours their kitchen is very much similair to ours.
Serve them over white rice and you have a hit! Meatballs:
500 grams fresh ground meat
salt and pepper
1 onion, chopped fine
6 garlic gloves, chopped fine
parsley laeves, handful, chopped fine
mint leaves, chopped fine - optional
thyme, chopped fine - optional
4 Tbsp. fine bread crumbs (I make my own)
20 - 30 grams pine nuts, toasted lightly
1 egg

1 jar of sour cherries in syrup

Mix together all the ingredients except the cherries.
Heat oil on skillet and make ping pong sized meatballs. Sautee the meatballs till golden but not burned - on all sides.
Pour syrup and cherries and cook till boiling point. Lower heat and add salt and pepper (a fresh sprig of thyme can be added), uncover and cook till fluids are halved.


מרילין איילון said...

פרטי..באתי לבקר
הקציצות האלה משו משו..שמתי עליהם שלוש עיניים..מקווה לעשותם בקרוב!

prettybaker said...

ברוכה הבאה יקירתי,
גיסתי מתה על הקציצות האלה. תמיד אני מכינה לה!
ממליצה בחום!