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Friday, December 14, 2007

Tuna is Evil....

Well, not fresh tuna. Or live tuna swimming in the sea. Canned tuna. I can't stand the smell.

In truth - I dislike any canned fish or meat. i have a scent problem. I should have been born a hound dog I guess.

But, my children love tuna. Adore it and don't get enough since I find that when they open the can - I have to leave the house! But, what can I do? Eventually they will be the ones to choose my nursing home LOL.

So I found a recipe that seemed easy. And in honest didn't even smell like tuna! The ketshup won in the scent contest!

Tuna Patties

Nicki B.'s Baked Tuna Patties

1 can starkist tuna
2 chopped onions, sauteed
2 TBS. ketshup
1 TBS honey
1 egg
5 TBS bread crumbs
1 TBS. chicken soup powder
salt & pepper

Mix together all ingredients. Make patties and flatten them a bit.
Heat oven to 150 and line pan with parchement paper.
Bake approx. 20 - 30 minutes.

Tuna Patties with yellow rice


Olivia Kroth said...

I have read that canned fish or meat can be toxic. Probably your sensitive nose is giving you a warning, Dorit, and rightly so.

Deborah said...

I don't use canned tuna very often, but it is sometimes hard to find it fresh here. This sounds like a great way to use it canned!