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Saturday, December 22, 2007

After Success - Comes Failure

I was so high from the Daring Bakers Success that I spent my morning baking and cooking.

There is a point in a bakers life where we need to say - enough....

I forgot to say that word and after stuffing grape leaves, roasting a chicken, baked wonderful pistachio cookies and cashew cardomom cookies (promise to post tomorrow) I decided on these beautiful cookies in black and white I found here

I definately should have quit while I was ahead....

My cookies came out chubby - not anything remotely resembling the beautiful cookies I so admired.

The only part of the recipe that I succeeded in was the icing. So I decided not to throw the cookies away - but covered them in icing, sprinkled jimmies and hope someone likes them tomorrow at work. Or I'll just give them to my boss LOL

1 comment:

Lewis said...

Well, if it helps, we've all done it and during the holidays we still don't know when to say when :)