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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Markets in Israel

I totally love markets. Especially the outside ones! The smells, the colors, the shouting. You cannot find a sad face in a market. Only happy singing people. Even those in a hurry - their stride is more than a dance. Their hands so full of bags and boxes - they almost remind me of a circuis juggler. You can find just about anything - from beautiful "tamar" tomatoes to funky greek beer that no-one has ever heard of. Every city has 2-3 of these markets. The smaller towns have a "travelling market" that comes once a week Those are also neat - but I am not crazy about them. My favorites of course are the markets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is more accesable to me - as its only a train ride away. Jerusalem is a different story...for that you need a whole day. Jerusalem is completely special.

But back to Tel Aviv - Levinsky Market. This market was established many years ago, mostly by Saloniki jewish holocaust survivors and many Bulgarian jews. The scents and aromas are still maintained as if time stood still.

Besides the assortment of nuts that can be found the specialty of some of these markets are rices mixes. These Mixes contain (besides the rice) an assortment of nuts andqor dried fruits andqor dried mushrooms and spices that leave your mouth watering.

And have I mentioned the olives?? Which olives you ask? I answer any kind, type size of olives imaginable. Every type of cheese you can think of, any type of smoked fish you can imagine and yes - all types of candies from around the world....

Close your eyes - and just imagine what heaven smells like.

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