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Thursday, November 22, 2007


I forgot to take lunch to work. Yes. We have a cafeteria. In fact we have 3 cafeterias...maybe even 4. I'm not sure. I stopped going after I found this really big caterpillar in my salad. It's not that I keep kosher. Its not even that I am a vegetarian. I'm just not crazy about eating something that I can't look in the eye.

So I was hungry. Serves me right for forgetting to bring a salad (no caterpillars). What do I do when I'm hungry. I fantasize....nothing x-rated (hey - I'm at work, remember??)

I surf the food blogs in search of a picture that will take my taste buds to heaven - at least in my imagination.

I came across Just saw these amazing home-made pita bread...Not only amazing but whole wheat, and if I haven't already won the jackpot - I didn't even need to use the oven. Just my electric pan.

And....They are great. Easy to make, no fuss, no mess. Ans they are as good as they look and smell probably even netter than anything I have made lately.

I say - go for it!!

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erez said...

mazal tov for the blogg